About Us

Uber and Lyft Drivers can now chat with their colleagues on DC! Just pick your city's chatroom and start chatting with other rideshare drivers close to you. Planning on driving in another city? Start chatting with drivers in that city to get to learn more about the new city's requirements and driving culture. DC even allows you to create a friends-list with whom you could send Direct Messages.

Some Things to Chat About:
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Share your location and find nearby drivers to hangout with during your down time. Want to remain anonymous? Yup, this app has that feature too. All these features are packed in one simple-to-use chat application for drivers that is Ultra-Secure with end-to-end encryption and safe from the prying eyes and ears of the TNC companies. We authenticate each driver to make sure they are real.

Welcome to DC! We're just getting started. We plan on introducing a set of voice, video, walkie-talkie, image/video sharing, and create-your-own-chatroom features in the near future. We intend to incorporate many other features that would be considered core-companion features for rideshare drivers. We will always respect your constitutional rights to assemble and speak freely with your colleagues and will never sell or share your data. This app is created by rideshare drivers and is for rideshare drivers.

Note: If you enter a large city's chatroom that has an enormous number of live chats, you might want to enter the chatroom for a specific neighborhood of that city. For instance, instead of Chicago, pick the sub-chatroom of Northwest Suburbs.